Saturday, December 5, 2020

Royal Insignia - What's In It?

The Royal Insignia is a special lifetime subscription to every Tabletop item that Studio Dire creates within Second Life. These scripted items allow you to play any of your favorite pen and paper games or any tabletop game you can think up within the confines of SL. It includes functional map boards, dice sets, miniatures, and a wide variety of other items to assist with gameplay.

All future Tabletop items are included unless they are a free gift or limited edition, from the time of your purchase for the lifetime of your account. Any time a new Tabletop item is released, they will be added to the Royal Insignia's package and can be easily acquired by requesting a redelivery through the system.

In addition to the Gamemaster Kit and box of Free Scripts. The Royal Insignia currently comes with all of the following items: