Saturday, December 5, 2020

Royal Insignia - What's In It?

The Royal Insignia is a special lifetime subscription to every Tabletop item that Studio Dire creates within Second Life. These scripted items allow you to play any of your favorite pen and paper games or any tabletop game you can think up within the confines of SL. It includes functional map boards, dice sets, miniatures, and a wide variety of other items to assist with gameplay.

All future Tabletop items are included unless they are a free gift or limited edition, from the time of your purchase for the lifetime of your account. Any time a new Tabletop item is released, they will be added to the Royal Insignia's package and can be easily acquired by requesting a redelivery through the system.

In addition to the Gamemaster Kit and box of Free Scripts. The Royal Insignia currently comes with all of the following items:

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Tabletop Gazette - July 2020 - Issue 6

Hail and well met!

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Tabletop Gazette, a monthly publication intended to highlight various interesting bits of news in and outside of Second Life as pertains to tabletop games. Now back after an extended hiatus.


Today is Free RPG Day!
Check the map to find participating locations near you, but please stay safe in these turbulent times.


Humble Bundle has a new RPG book bundle available.

For those who enjoy Pathfinder but haven't yet dived in to the second edition, this bundle includes not just the Core Rulebook and others but also a number of maps and even fiction to enjoy. The highest level includes the physical hardcover of the Core Rulebook (be aware this part is currently in backorder)! Portions from this bundle support a number of different charities.

Bundle of Holding as always has new bundles for more varied games to play.

From Flash Gordon set in Savage Worlds, to the chrome and neon of Shadowrun 5E, all the way to the sci fi horror that is Mothership. Each bundle benefits a different charity.


Need something lighter on the budget?

Here are the free games and other resources that we've come across recently that might be worth a try.

If you missed the free resources from the D&D Stay at Home initiative, they have an archive set up:

P.B. Publishing: Bundle'O Free Maps

Riverside Ruins 48x24 Encounter Map

Lava Temple Map

Armoury Map

Dungeon Map

Rogues Gallery Vermilium Archetypes

We Are All Made Here (For Cypher)

Star Trek Adventures - Kobayashi Maru Supplement

The Knight Line - Issue 3

Ruins of Symbaroum 5E - The Promised Land

Blood Castle - Single Player Game

Rolled & Told #0

Trash Goblins

Epic Monsters: Grootslang


Tabletop Hall Wants You!

Remember that if you are looking for a game to join or players for your game, the Tabletop Hall is intended as a place to hangout and idle. There are resources to browse in the Library, free items to hunt down, and a Notice Board to pass on your information to other visitors.

Everyone is Welcome @ Tabletop Hall


More Unearthed Arcana has been released! Even more new feats for those that prefer utility to abilities.

I recommend watching the official video that discusses some of the feats and their unique interpretations.


Online Videos:

A new episode for this D&D web series is out! Check it out below.
"Vicious Mockery" | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series

And a new campaign begins! Looks to have some future interesting kingdom management aspects.
The High Road | Nights of Eveningstar | Episode 1


Games That Are Currently Recruiting:

Virtual Gen Con Experience
For four days from July 30th to August 2nd, there will be a virtual tabletop convention being held within Second Life. This includes a wide variety of events and games! You will need an official Gen Con account/badge (free this year), and then a ticket to the event you want to attend. After creating an account on their website ( ), click the Get a Badge button. Once you have your badge, navigate to: for all of the events that are being held within Second Life. Pick your poison and acquire a ticket, information on attending will be in the Messages section of the event after you've joined. Games range from D&D to Cypher and fan favorites like Havoc Brigade and Ultimate Werewolf. Other events are a fireside chat with game designers including Tim Beach of Beach House Games/TSR and Eddy Webb of Pugmire, open exploration times for wandering the convention, and a lecture on character design and storytelling. For more information, feel free to contact Remnant Ashbourne or visit the Welcome Center inworld here:

If any other games are recruiting, let us know and we can add them to next month's!


As always, if you come across any interesting bits of news that would be relevant for the next issue of this Gazette, please submit them via notecard at the mailbox in the Tabletop Hall entrance. These can be new releases related to tabletop games (in SL or RL), sales and bundles of tabletop resources, new and upcoming streams, special events, or games that are recruiting players. And if you have any questions or concerns, let Remnant Ashbourne know.