Monday, November 4, 2019

New Features at the Tabletop Hall!

Now active at the Tabletop Hall are a number of new features. On the Notice Board, there are two new categories to place notices under, "Artist for Hire" and "Seeking RP".

Use the Artist for Hire category if you are an artist who would like to offer their services for making character portraits, maps, coats of arms, or similar roleplaying work.

Seeking RP are for those in person roleplayers who are seeking others to join them for roleplaying specific scenes or at specific locations.

The Notice Board will also now send you a message when there are seven days remaining for your notice and allow you to renew it for an additional thirty days.


In the library upstairs is a brand new scripted shelf for Roleplay Locations. Representatives from such places can leave notes/landmarks in customizable books. Visitors can then peruse the books at their leisure for new places to create new stories at. And it is free forever.

Visit the Roleplay Locations bookshelf.


Using the new system to promote your location is quite simple, first head to the shelf upstairs in the library. Once there, find the theme that your location matches the best, this will be the mode of dress that visitors are recommended to wear when playing there. Press the button below the theme and a book will rez on the shelf to the right.

Click on the book and follow the instructions to claim it. Now you have borrowed the book for the next thirty days and can change it's name, description, color, add landmarks/notecards/etc inside it for visitors to receive.

You may also empty it out if you need to change the contents, delete it if your location is no longer active, and renew it if it has fewer than seven days remaining. If you would like to customize the book further, then the texture templates are available in the rules notecard at the entrance to the Hall.

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