Friday, October 25, 2019

Tabletop Gazette - October 2019 - Issue 4

Hail and well met! And Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Tabletop Gazette, a monthly publication intended to highlight various interesting bits of news in and outside of Second Life as pertains to tabletop games.


October stands for horror and Halloween. Add some spooky spice to your tables with these options.

Humble Bundle currently has two RPG book bundles available.

The first is a set of resources for Vampires & Werewolves - A World of Darkness. Perfect for adding nights of bloody moonlight to your Hallow's Eve, portions from this bundle support GamesAid.

The second bundle includes a massive amount of resources for Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader. Featuring all of the chaos of Warhammer but in a more portable starship fashion, this is sure to be a table favorite. Portions from this bundle benefit Make-A-Wish.

And from Bundle of Holding comes a new bundle for those that prefer less traditional and more alien threats to face off against their adventurers. The Clockwork & Cthulhu package delivers part of the proceeds to the Rainforest Trust and includes quite a number of mysteries for your group to sink their teeth in to.


Need something lighter on the budget?

Here are the free games and other resources that we've come across recently that might be worth a try.

The Thing In The Basement

Mike's Free Encounter #14: Bad Mercenaries

Mike's Free Encounter #15: Dwarven Guard Post

Magic Items - 1d100 magic items for (almost) every moment

Aleph RPG - v. 2.0

The Ruin RPG Quickstart

Cypher Shorts

Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF

Legends of Kralis - Quick Start

Survival of the Able Beta

Psi Shift: A Horror-Themed Mission for Star Trek Adventures

Nightcrawlers (A Halloween Dungeon Crawl)


A Few Changes Coming Soon to the Tabletop Hall

Something that might not have been readily apparent (all Remnant's fault), the Tabletop Hall is intended as a hangout for all sorts of roleplayers. To assist with that, keep an eye out for a few new additions that will make themselves known in the coming days.

Roleplaying Locales will be able to create a linkbook that gives out information in the Library. This is a free service and will help people find new places to play their favorite characters at.

The Notice Board will receive an upgrade or two! In addition to a new category of Players Seeking Players for roleplaying scenes, another new category will be opened up for Artists so they can offer their services, whether as mapmakers, character portrait designers, or even just to make a player a coat of arms.

The Campaign Tabard Chair has been added to the game tables in the Hall. A free HUD will soon be available with a free full permissions texture template for the back cloth. Using the two, you will be able to customize the back cloth of the chairs whenever you sit down on them. Whether for an entire group or for your personal coat of arms, make your mark.


Have your adventurers gone far off the beaten path and broken down the door to a dungeon you haven't had time to plan?

Try this website's random dungeon generator for those moments when you just need something for them to play through. It quickly generates not just the dungeon layout, but special notes, locks/keys, and even a backstory for the dungeon itself. And they are easily exportable as .pngs.


If you run games in D&D 5E and it's been a while since you've last checked out the Unearthed Arcana articles, there are a slew of new subclass options published recently. From the Monk that follows the Way of the Astral Self, to the Rogue who is the Revived, there are sure to be some entertaining and potentially broken options to test out.


A new and entertaining D&D web series has started! Check it out below.

"You Meet In A Tavern..." | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series


Mini A Chuu by Chuu Hikari Akamine has released a couple of new items.

Shroom Village Diorama:

Mecha Miniature - MSABC:

Visit their inworld location at:


Games That Are Currently Recruiting:
None specifically that we know of. If you are recruiting, let us know and we can add them to next month's!


As always, if you come across any interesting bits of news that would be relevant for the next issue of this Gazette, please submit them via notecard at the mailbox in the Tabletop Hall entrance. These can be new releases related to tabletop games, sales and bundles of tabletop resources, new and upcoming streams, special events, or games that are recruiting players. And if you have any questions or concerns, let Remnant Ashbourne know.

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