Friday, September 20, 2019

Tabletop Gazette - September 2019 - Issue 3

Hail and well met!

Welcome to the third issue of the Tabletop Gazette, a monthly publication intended to highlight various interesting bits of news in and outside of Second Life as pertains to tabletop games.


September is the month for Preparedness! So it's very appropriate that the latest Bundle of Holding is post apocalyptic in nature.

This diverse bundle includes not just rules on a game that follows a post apocalyptic family over generations, but it also includes art to inspire your stories and even music. A portion of the proceeds benefit Mermaids UK

In addition, Humble Bundle has a new bundle with proceeds going towards charity.

The massive Old School Fantasy Roleplaying bundle benefits the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Lots of interesting resources come with this one, including material for steampunk games.

Need something lighter on the budget?

Here are the free games and other resources that we've come across recently that might be worth a try.

Historia Quickstart

Drifter: Playtest Rules

These Goblins Got Spunk

The Iron Road

Mike's Free Encounter #10:The Bog Witch

See It Through


studioDire has released a number of new Tabletop items recently. This includes a new free undead automaton miniature hidden away at the Tabletop Hall.

Free @ Tabletop Hall

Clue to Find the Tabletop - Bronze Ripper:
"The metronomic beat of the mechanical heart hides a dark secret."

30% Off @ We Love Roleplay

30% Off @ Loading...

 30% Off @ Engine Room

New @ Main Store

And for the first time, we have a new miniature that is exclusive to the Royal Insignia.

If you are a Royal Insignia owner, all Tabletop items are included with that, unless they are a free item at the Hall or a group gift. Once an item from an event makes it to the main store, then use the Redelivery HUD in the Insignia to have it redelivered, the event items will have been added to the Insignia.

The Tabletop Hall has been made an official Destination!

Remember, the Hall is always open to anyone and everyone who wants to play any pen and paper game in SL. There are tons of resources and link books in the library on the second floor, including a set of free Gamemaster Screen textures for D&D 5E games.


And featured on the SL home page is our very own Chuu Hikari Akamine.

Visit their inworld location at:


As always, if you come across any interesting bits of news that would be relevant for the next issue of this Gazette, please submit them via notecard at the mailbox in the Tabletop Hall entrance. These can be new releases related to tabletop games, sales and bundles of tabletop resources, new and upcoming streams, special events, or games that are recruiting players. And if you have any questions or concerns, let Remnant Ashbourne know.

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