Wednesday, September 25, 2019

"Keep on Flying" and "Call of the Crystals"

Two pictures featuring some of our newer items at current events!

Keep on Flying features our brand new flyable Vanship that is available for 30% Off exclusively at the Engine Room event.

And Call of the Crystals features adventurers facing off against an undead threat! And there's a lot of things in this one to take apart.

30% Off at We Love Roleplay
Boarding Axe
Skeletal Pirate

30% Off at Loading...
Ancora Cutlass

30% Off at Engine Room
Executioner Sword
Bowl of Cloven Eye Crystals

At the studioDire Store
Skeletal Guardian
Skeletal Thug
Rough Wooden Shield
Round Wooden Shield
Woad Spirit Mask
Coffer - Frayed Blossom

Only Available in the Royal Insignia
Woad Spirit

For Free, Hidden at the Tabletop Hall
Bronze Ripper

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