Thursday, August 8, 2019

Tabletop Gazette - August 2019 - Issue 2

Hail and well met!

Welcome to the second issue of the Tabletop Gazette, a monthly publication intended to highlight various interesting bits of news in and outside of Second Life as pertains to tabletop games.


Looking for something different from swords and sorcery? There are still a few days left to grab the Mekton Zeta bundle at Bundle of Holding.
No matter what kind of mecha you and your players enjoy, there are ways to incorporate it into your game using these set of books. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation,

Need something lighter on the budget?
Here are the free games and other resources that we've come across recently that might be worth a try.

Devil's Run: Quickstart

Check Out the Other Quickstarts by Modiphius Here

D&D Beyond's Encounters of the Week Are Great for One Shots

A Starting Point of Free Resources on IGN


studioDire has released a number of new Tabletop items recently. This includes a new free mutant tentacle miniature hidden away at the Tabletop Hall.

Free @ Tabletop Hall

Clue to Find the Tabletop - Purple Tentacle:
"Mad science and occult rituals both tend to be bound in what?"

30% Off @ Loading...

If you are a Royal Insignia owner, all Tabletop items are included with that, unless they are a free item at the Hall or a group gift. Once an item from an event makes it to the main store, then use the Redelivery HUD in the Insignia to have it redelivered, the event items will have been added to the Insignia.
The results are in for the 2019 ENnies! Who won? It looks to be the year of the Great Old Ones, see all of the winners in the link below.


Pathfinder 2nd Edition is out now! With a wide swath of rule changes, additions, and a ton of streamlining, will it be the new system for you?

And to see the game in action, a new group of adventurers can be seen setting out below.


As always, if you come across any interesting bits of news that would be relevant for the next issue of this Gazette, please submit them via notecard at the mailbox in the Tabletop Hall entrance. These can be new releases related to tabletop games, sales and bundles of tabletop resources, new and upcoming streams, special events, or games that are recruiting players.

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