Friday, May 31, 2019

New Items for June's We Love Roleplay!

For the next We Love Roleplay, we've got a new set of special dice and unique fireball inspired monocles/earrings.

Our Cotton Candy Mystic Dice Set is our standard fully scripted polyhedral dice set with percentile and custom face dice but with a swirling pastel magical aura. Customers who have purchased our Royal Insignia will receive this item for free.

And our Wildfire Monocles and Earrings will add a very different touch to your avatar, perfect for fantasy, steampunk, or many other genres.

Available June 4, 2019.
 Click here to see it inworld!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Idle Times and New Items

Custom miniature and dice set voucher availability has been extended until 05-11-19!
They will not be available for another year, so best time to get them is now.

Also shown in the picture above are a bunch of new items.

New Store Group Gift: Worn Bronze Dice

Free to all members of the studioDire Brigade.

New Dice Sets: Cobalt Stone and Lava

And our final new item is a Paint Set for decor.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Limited Time! Custom Miniature and Custom Dice Set Vouchers!

Now available for a very limited time, only until 05-06-2019, custom miniature and custom dice set vouchers! Get an exclusive miniature or dice set made to your specifications!

 Click the picture above to go to our main store and pick up your vouchers before they're gone.