Friday, January 25, 2019

New Group Gifts for January 2019!

We have two new group gifts available at the main store.

The first is a rainbow variant of our Feather Earrings. The prismatic specular in the materials really makes these stand out.

The second group gift is a statue that certainly makes a statement. Screaming Into The Dark will likely mean different things to different people.

Facade Contacts - Teaser

A small experimental but fun item coming soon. Animated texture mesh contacts that overlay your existing mesh eyes. Keep your favorite pair of eyes and add special effects to stand out from the crowd! Pictured here are the rainbow versions of the Lightning contacts. There will also be Flames and a more subtle Runes pair.

Will include customization and the ability to make the contacts flare, dim, or pulse.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Collection of Critical Stuff

Here's a tableau of the various items we have that are inspired by our favorite web series. Some can be found at our main store.

And others are freely available to those that can find them in our Tabletop Hall that is currently open to exploration by the public! Just look for the giant swirling portal at our store to visit.

Our New Year Sale with 50% Off many items is still going until January 7th!