Sunday, September 16, 2018

Work in Progress! /studioDire/ Tabletop Hall

After the next big update to our Tabletop gaming system, we will be opening a new hangout to the public. A place to come and join new adventures, read tall tales, and make new friends.

It will have four general use tables that will be available to any and all /studioDire/ Tabletop - Community group members for free. And one special table on the main stage for those that have a larger campaign they'd like to schedule public games to potentially have an audience for them. There is also a bar to relax at. And a library that will take submissions of tabletop gaming materials, fan fiction, and whatever else the more creative minded of us have thought up.

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Join the /studioDire/ Tabletop - Community group in SL to be notified when the Hall is open.