Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Releases for June 2018

Tonight we've got some special new items for the beginning of the weekend.

Both of our first two new releases will be L$30 for this 30L Saturday.

Atwood Urns are a set of scaled metal vases that are only one land impact each, come in six different metals (Silver, Rose Gold, Brass, Bronze, Iron, and Gold), and are original materials enabled mesh. They are perfect for a wide variety of fantasy or even modern scenes.

Our second special 30L Saturday new release are a set of metal and claw torcs inspired by a goliath barbarian who is very particular about combat, women, and ale. They are materials enabled original mesh and come in six different metals for this set (Silver, Rose Gold, Brass, Bronze, Iron, and Gold).

And for all of our Brigadiers, we've created a variant set of the Torcs of Rage, free for active group members or L$100 for those who'd rather not join a group. This set includes six metals not available in the original (Gray, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Lava). Set the /studioDire/ Brigade as your active group when you purchase to receive a full refund.

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