Thursday, January 11, 2018

Massive Release of /studioDire/ Tabletop

Over the past few weeks, we've released something that we know will be appreciated by pen and paper roleplayers all over the grid. /studioDire/ Tabletop is now available on the marketplace and at our inworld store. It is a robust system to encourage playing pen and paper roleplaying games in SL through the use of a scripted map board and miniatures. The Gamemaster Kit is available for only L$250, and the Player Kits will always be available for free. Yes, free.

Each Kit comes with everything needed to provide as seamless and as fun an experience as possible. Dice including the rare percentile and symbol faced dice, cardboard miniatures to make it easy to bring whatever character or enemy to the game you'd like, and even a chat device for in character group chat that doesn't bleed over to public local chat. We've also released miniatures that are mainstays of fantasy worlds everywhere, goblins and giant rats. Many more miniatures will be released in the coming days. Links for everything are below.

The following miniatures are only available as group gifts for members of the /studioDire/ Brigade group in SL. Group membership is currently a one time L$50 fee.

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