Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year Sale for 2019!

To welcome the new year of 2019, all of our new releases and select items from Decor, Accessories, and Games have been marked down 50% until January 7, 2019. Look for the fireworks symbol to find the discounted items that include a wide variety for the discerning fantastical customer such as our Fallen Cupids for our Tabletop Games, brand new mimicking Kenku Plush, metal scaled Atwood Urns, and even our punk Cutter Mask - Rebellion. New store group gifts and freebies have been released for the new year.

There are also new freebies and group gifts and a ton of new releases.
Check it out at our main store inworld.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Work in Progress! /studioDire/ Tabletop Hall

After the next big update to our Tabletop gaming system, we will be opening a new hangout to the public. A place to come and join new adventures, read tall tales, and make new friends.

It will have four general use tables that will be available to any and all /studioDire/ Tabletop - Community group members for free. And one special table on the main stage for those that have a larger campaign they'd like to schedule public games to potentially have an audience for them. There is also a bar to relax at. And a library that will take submissions of tabletop gaming materials, fan fiction, and whatever else the more creative minded of us have thought up.

View on Flickr

Join the /studioDire/ Tabletop - Community group in SL to be notified when the Hall is open.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Releases for June 2018

Tonight we've got some special new items for the beginning of the weekend.

Both of our first two new releases will be L$30 for this 30L Saturday.

Atwood Urns are a set of scaled metal vases that are only one land impact each, come in six different metals (Silver, Rose Gold, Brass, Bronze, Iron, and Gold), and are original materials enabled mesh. They are perfect for a wide variety of fantasy or even modern scenes.

Our second special 30L Saturday new release are a set of metal and claw torcs inspired by a goliath barbarian who is very particular about combat, women, and ale. They are materials enabled original mesh and come in six different metals for this set (Silver, Rose Gold, Brass, Bronze, Iron, and Gold).

And for all of our Brigadiers, we've created a variant set of the Torcs of Rage, free for active group members or L$100 for those who'd rather not join a group. This set includes six metals not available in the original (Gray, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Lava). Set the /studioDire/ Brigade as your active group when you purchase to receive a full refund.

Visit our Main Store for all of your fantasy, cyberpunk, post apocalyptic and pen and paper roleplaying needs.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Moving Sale! 50% Off Everything at the Main Store.

With all the new items we've released recently, we're quickly running out of room and so are moving our main store to a new location! Until March 2, 2018, everything at the current main store, including our store's group membership fee for gifts and future updates, is 50% Off!

Monday, February 5, 2018

New Releases and Group Gift.

Catch up post! New releases, bent and carved wooden Bracelets of the Weald for the druid or ranger in your life. And coffers and trinket boxes for everyone else. All with a variety of options and functions, click below to see more.

And for the awesome members of our studioDire Brigade! We've released a new group only Tabletop miniature, Will-o'-Wisps in a rainbow of colors, scripted to flit from spot to spot instead of being static. Join today to get this and all of our other group gifts free of charge.

Monday, January 29, 2018

New Medieval Sign and Ilgaaks for the Adventurer!

Tonight's releases are a different sort of wooden sign for the beginning medieval merchant, hanging by much more available rope rather than the usual chain, this shield shaped sign will stand out in a landscape of your typically iron filled towns. It includes all textures and bump maps full permissions for the ultimate customization.

Also released tonight is a new accessory that's not often seen but would be needed in the icier environments. These carved wooden ilgaaks or snow goggles as most know them are designed to prevent snow blindness caused by glaring sunlight on snow and ice. It comes not just with seven different ilgaaks, either plain wood or with a carved design, but also a shielding eyes static pose for those that want to take photos.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Miniatures and Oni Half Mask Released.

More new releases! The first of our more complex miniatures, a bandit wielding a spiked club. Low level enough for a starting adventure and customizable to allow for variety.

Also released is a new accessory, our Oni Half Mask. A wooden menpō held by a single leather strap over the ears. Unisex and unrigged, this original mesh mask can easily be modded to fit anyone.

Monday, January 22, 2018

New Releases: /studioDire/ Wedge Clamps and Wooden Combs - Carved

Two new pieces of décor available now at our store. For the aspiring feudal woodworker, we now have wedge clamps and carved wooden combs. Each are materials enabled and one land impact.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

More Miniatures and Medieval Dress Forms

Yesterday we released three new unique medieval dress forms. Designed as a cross between the usual Victorian style dress mannequin and a medieval armor stand, it'll fit in well in fantasy medieval settings where a more modern one would not. Each dress form is L$50.

In addition, we've also released four more sets of Tabletop Miniatures today. These are large Magical Hands as can be summoned by certain spells. They range in type from pushing forward, clenching a fist, blocking attacks, or grasping at the enemy. Each set includes right and left versions of the hand in nine colors each for a total of 18 hands per set. All are currently available for L$95 each.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Store Counters Released.

Today's new release is a set of extremely detailed wooden counters that would be at home in any sort of fantasy store or could even be used as a bar. Three different styles with optimized physics so that items can easily be placed on any of the shelves or countertops. Includes high resolution and lower resolution texture versions. Each set is only L$50.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Update to Tabletop Miniatures

A huge new feature has been added to all of the currently released miniatures.

Hover Height!

A new menu button allows the setting of how high the miniature is above the map board, able to use either multiples of the miniature's width or a flat meter amount. Please request redeliveries of all Tabletop items at the /studioDire/ Main Store to take advantage of this new feature. This does include Player Kits and Gamemaster Kits as the Cardboard Miniatures have this added as well.

Massive Release of /studioDire/ Tabletop

Over the past few weeks, we've released something that we know will be appreciated by pen and paper roleplayers all over the grid. /studioDire/ Tabletop is now available on the marketplace and at our inworld store. It is a robust system to encourage playing pen and paper roleplaying games in SL through the use of a scripted map board and miniatures. The Gamemaster Kit is available for only L$250, and the Player Kits will always be available for free. Yes, free.

Each Kit comes with everything needed to provide as seamless and as fun an experience as possible. Dice including the rare percentile and symbol faced dice, cardboard miniatures to make it easy to bring whatever character or enemy to the game you'd like, and even a chat device for in character group chat that doesn't bleed over to public local chat. We've also released miniatures that are mainstays of fantasy worlds everywhere, goblins and giant rats. Many more miniatures will be released in the coming days. Links for everything are below.

The following miniatures are only available as group gifts for members of the /studioDire/ Brigade group in SL. Group membership is currently a one time L$50 fee.