Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Group Gift, Scribe Armband Remake.

For our studioDire Brigadiers we've released a special new item tonight. A mesh remake of our old 0thrive Scribe Armband. This unrigged unisex mesh includes right and left versions and is scripted with a touch texture changer and a special notebook set of features that let it give notecards to everyone or same group members on touch. The wearer can also choose to give out notecards to anyone within 10m, great for roleplaying situations. Includes six different metals for the accents and two containers, and also eight book textures. For the ultimate customization, we've included the white book texture with full permissions to allow for whatever sort of book you'd like to have.

An exclusive gift only available to /studioDire/ Brigade members. Join today!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Releases, Chusei Ocular Implants and Surgical Tray.

Inspired by a certain second in command of a secret intelligence department, these cybernetic eye implants are unrigged materials unisex mesh and come in left and right versions. They're touch menu controlled with ten metals for the body and lens.

Also tonight we've released a collection of mesh surgical trays. These are perfect for a laboratory or medical clinic. Comes in eleven metals.

Both items are on sale at introductory prices until 06/21/2017.