Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Cutter Mask and Affiliate Kit are Now Out!

Tonight we've released our Cutter Mask - Sawbones and a special Affiliate Kit for those interested in selling our products.

In an effort to bridge the gap between our classic sculpted Bloody Surgeon Mask and new mesh Cutter Mask - Rebellion, we've toned down the details by removing the spikes and replacing the chain with a strap to create a more subdued and affordable option for any would be doctors, medics, and anyone else feeling a need to administer surgery to bystanders.

The Cutter Mask - Sawbones includes a variety of bloody mask textures, including the original splatter from our classic mask. The large and small buttons are medical themed with icons and blood types. As with all of our Cutter Masks, the appropriate Appliers will work, and the included Applier will let you install these textures on to the spiked and chained Cutter Mask.

From now until 05/29/2017, the Sawbones Mask will be on sale for L$65.

Also released tonight is our special everyone's welcome Affiliate Kit. For L$1 now and forever, we've put together a kit including our original mesh vendor (7 LI) that gives its owner a 20% commission, and your standard CasperTech affiliate mesh vendor (1 LI) that gives its owner 10% commission of all sales made through it. Also included is a simple texture sign.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bento Tail of Gehenna Out Now!

Tonight's release is something we've been working on for a while. A mystical chain tail of demonic origin that uses the Bento skeleton to swing, pose, and emote. It's a completely original tail that will definitely make people take notice of you.

The introductory sale price for this item is L$195 until 05/28/2017.

Includes four different versions to accommodate different body shapes. And includes three different tail tips: Spear, Sickle, and Morningstar. The chain, base, and tip's material can be changed between Brass, Bronze, Gold, Gunmetal, Iron, and Silver metals. The glowing crystal can be changed between Black Diamond, Diamond, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby, and Sapphire for its inner and outer crystals. It comes with a whopping thirty three animations from tail swings, to static poses for photo opportunities, to emotes for roleplaying scenarios. And to top it off, it is possible to add your own tail animations to it to keep them in one easily accessible package. The optional HUD allows for quick access to the animations and full tail material presets as well as the tail menu.

Please Before Purchase, Try the Demo Below to Check Fit:
Animations Are Available to Preview at Our Main Store