Monday, March 20, 2017

Cutter Mask and Applier Creator Kit are Out Now!

One of our most popular items has been our sculpted bloody surgeon mask. As we move into yet another year, we've decided to update our classic with a mesh and style overhaul. Introducing a very special addition to our lineup, the Cutter Mask.

At a lightweight five prims/land impact, the Cutter Mask brings a lot to the table, with the Rebellion version including twenty different mask textures, five large button textures, and five small button textures as seen below. The spikes and chain can be switched between Brass, Bronze, Gold, Gunmetal, Iron, Rusted, and Silver metals and can be hidden. The spikes in particular are in four separate zones that can be changed independently of the others.

The Cutter Mask is special because it includes our new Applier System that was purpose built not only as a way to allow wearers to better customize this accessory, but also as a way for creators to contribute and benefit from their contributions.

For creators, we've released our Cutter Mask - Applier Creator Kit, which allows anyone to create mask, large button, and small button textures that can be seamlessly integrated into any present or future Cutter Mask. Not only does the Kit include the base textures to create new variations from, but it also comes with Empty Cutter Masks to try them out on and a one prim Cutter Mask Affiliate Vendor that gives its owner thirty percent of all profits. After creating your Appliers, you can place the Affiliate Vendor next to them to give your customers easy access to a Cutter Mask to use your Appliers on.

And until 04/20/2017, the Cutter Mask - Rebellion will be on sale for L$195. The Cutter Mask - Applier Creator Kit will be on sale for an even lower L$95. Click the images above to see them on the Marketplace and to find the Demo version.